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Gas Mask Bongs don’t waste a bit of the hit and are a definite way to turn heads. What is not to love about them? Smoking out of these apparatuses is a simple concept. You are basically creating your very own personal hotbox. You strap the mask on, let it fill with smoke and the fun will begin!

These masks have adjustable head straps in order to be one size fits all. Once the mask is filled with smoke there is no escaping. The user must clear the mask. Therefore, none of the hit is wasted. The bong portion is detachable from the mask. As a result, one can properly set up the smoke sesh without a mess. If sharing, the mask will need to be detached in between passes to have the bowl reset.

Gas Mask Bongs are not boring to look at. No only can the color of the bong very, the mask itself can be eyecatching with vibrant colors.