2020 Complete 4/20 Sales Guide

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Is it really April already?!   As the leaf lover’s favorite time of year, 4/20 is now already upon us.  And with it brings the absolute biggest sales of the year for all cannabis related products.  This year is special as a likely once in lifetime event, as in 2020 4/20 is actually lasting the entire month of April instead of just April 20.  A truckload of the best sales of the year on all 420 related products.

Over the coming days, and sometimes lasting through early May – there will be monster deals, sales and coupon codes available on Vaporizers, CBD, Pipes, Marijuana Seeds, Dab Rigs, Artistic Glass, Growing Equipment and more!

I hope you have saved some money, because below is a daily updated list of the top online retailers that are offering deep dank discounts so you don’t go broke on your smoke this 420 sale shopping season!

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Dr. Dabber Coupon Codes

Dr. Dabber - 20% - 25% Off

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s 4/20 celebration season! During their massive 420 sale Dr. Dabber is offering 20% off sitewide and 25% off their most popular vaporizer bundles. No coupon code needed.

20% Off Dr. Dabber Sitewide
25% Off Premium SWITCH Bundle


25% Off SWITCH Bundle


25% Off Boost: Bleck Edition Bundle


25% Off Dr. Dabber Light Bundle


PuffItUp Coupon Codes

PuffItUp Huge 4/20 Sale!

This is a big holiday at PuffItUp, and this year is no exception. As a matter of fact they have had even more time to craft the best 4/20 sale possible. Sit back and enjoy the holiday from home and score some incredible savings on vaporizers with these PuffItUp coupon codes.

 $55 X-Max v2 Pro
w/ Coupon Code


 $169 Boundless Tera
w/ Coupon Code


 $59 Flowermate Slick
w/ Coupon Code


 $175 Focus V Carta V2
w/ Coupon Code


$115 Boundless CFX
w/ Coupon Code


$24 Boundless Terp Pen
w/ Coupon Code


$79 Boundless CF
w/ Coupon Code


Up to $100 Off Arizer
$228 Ditanium Vaporizer
w/ Coupon Code


20% Off All Sticky Brick
w/ Coupon Code


$175 The RIO
w/ Coupon Code


$71 X-Max Starry 3
w/ Coupon Code


20% Off All Sai Products
w/ Coupon Code


20% Off Fury EDGE


Boundless Technology Vaporizer Discounts Promos & Coupon Codes

Boundless Vaporizers - 20% Off

You know that you are 100% getting the real deal when you buy directly from the source. This 420 Boundless is offering an automaitc 20% off their most popular vaporizer models. Order yours now, and get your dry herbs ready for a good time at home.

20% Off Boundless CFX


20% Off Boundless CFV


20% Off Boundless CFC 2.0


Vaporizer Chief Coupon Codes & Discounts

Vaporizer Chief - 20% off

Now is the time for a new vaporizer. It is the ultimate 4/20 and Vaporizer Chief is offering 20% off vaporizers and more sitewide with this holiday coupon code!

20% Off Coupon Code


Atmos Coupon Codes

Atmos - 40% Off

Holy 420 discount Batman! AtmosRX is offering 40% off all or their vaporizers and accessories sitewide with this Atmos coupon code!

40% Off Coupon Code


DaVinci Vaporizer Coupon Codes & Discount Sales

DaVinci Vaporizer 4/20 Discount Sale

Order your DaVinci vaporizer directly from DaVinci and get the best price and quality possible. The DaVinci 4/20 sale includes crazy price drops on their most popular vaporizers including the DaVinci IQ, MIQro Explorers Collection, and Classic.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer


MIQro Explorers Collection


DaVinci Classic Vaporizer


XVape Coupon Codes and Discount Sales

XVape - 10% Off

Stay calm and shop on this 4/20. Head over to XVape and order vaporizers directly from the manufacturer. Use this 4/20 XVape coupon code at checkout for 10% off your order and free shipping.

10% Off Coupon Code
Plus Free Shipping


Slick Vapes Coupon Codes

Slick Vapes - 20% Off

It’s happening! It is officially the most 420 or all 420s that is why Slick Vapes has not one but two different 4/20 celebration coupon codes for 20% off your order.

20% Off +Free Shipping
Orders $50+


20% Off Coupon Code


Vapor.com Coupon Code Discount

Vapor.com - 20% Off

Happy 4/20 pre-sale season! Stay home and order from your couch for 20% off sitewide with this 420 Vapor.com coupon code and save some green for later.

20% Off Coupon Code


42% Off All KandyPens
w/ Coupon Code


Namaste Vapes Coupon Codes

Namaste Vapes - 20% Off

Really it is 20% off everything. Grab a new vaporizer or maybe some new mouthpieces this 4/20 at Namaste Vape. Use this holiday Namaste Vapes coupon code for 20% off your entire order.

20% Off Coupon Code


Pulsar Vaporizer Coupon Codes and Discount Promo Sales

Pulsar - Up to 50% Off

4/20 sales have begun! Pulsar is updating their 420 discount sale page every 4 days to include new offerings for up to 50% off. No Pulsar coupon code needed.

25% Off Coupon Code
4/17 – 4/20 ONLY


Up to 50% Off 420 Sale
AirVape Coupon Codes

AirVape 420 Deals

AirVape has got some great deals this 420. Save on everything from the classic AirVape X to the oober portable AirVape OM and even score a pre-order for the new AirVape legacy with these 420 AirVape coupon codes.

$149 AirVape Legacy Pre-Order
w/ Coupon Code


$40 Off All AirVape X Models
w/ Coupon Code


$54 AirVape OM
w/ Coupon Code


To The Cloud Vapor Store Coupon Codes, Discounts & Deals

To The Cloud Vapor Store - 20% Off

Get the best deals on new and refurbished vaporizers at To The Cloud Vapor Store. Add this coupon code at checkout this 4/20 and get an extra 20% off your entire order.

20% Off Coupon Code


Smokesmith Gear Coupon Codes

Smokesmith Gear - 20% Off

420 is best celebrated from your couch. This year especially. Why not order from your couch too? Use this Smokesmith Gear coupon code for 20% off your 420 order today.

20% Off Coupon Code


EverythingFor420 Coupons and Discount Codes

EverythingFor420 - 15% Off Vapes

This is the moment you have been vaping for! It is officially 4/20/20! Go crazy. Celebrate. Just do it at home. You can use this EverythingFor420 coupon code right from your couch and get 15% off all vaporizers.

15% Off Vapes Coupon Code


GrassCity Discount Codes, Coupon Codes & Promos

GrassCity - 10% Off Vaporizers

In honor of this very special holiday, GrassCity is offering an automatic 10% off every vaporizer they sell! No coupon needed.

10% Off All Vaporizers
Smoke Cartel Coupon Codes

Smoke Cartel - 12% Off Vaporizers

This 4/20 Smoke Cartel is offering 12% off all concentrate, dry her, and combination vapes. All you have to do to claim your discount is enter this Smoke Cartel coupon code at checkout.

12% Off Vaporizers Coupon Code


Joyetech Coupon Codes and Discount Sales

Joyetech - 20% Off

4/20 Weekend only! Yes it is a long holiday weekend, so that means Monday too. Use this Joyetech coupon code for 20% off all vapes and accessories.

20% Off Coupon Code


Got Vape Coupon Codes

Got Vape - 20% off

Get your 4/20 preparations in order and use this Got Vape coupon code for 20% off sitewide.

20% Off Coupon Code


Social CBD Coupon Codes, Discounts & Promo Sales

Social CBD - 25% Off

4/20 isn’t only for the THC chasers among us. It is a holiday for all things hemp this year. Use this 420 Social CBD coupon code for 25% off CBD vapes, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and more.

25% Off coupon code


Made by Hemp Coupon Code Discount Promos

Made By Hemp - 50% Off

Just in time for 4/20, Made By Hemp is introducing a great selection of brand new CBD products. And because it is a holiday, they are offering 50% off all of their newest products throug 4/20! No coupon needed.

50% Off Newest CBD Products
Care Division Coupon Codes and Discount Promo Sales

Care Division - 50% Off

4/20 is for cannabis and hemp lovers alike. And we could all use a good holiday right about now! Care Division has already discounted almost all of their CBD products up to 47% off. Now you can use this coupon code for an extra 10% off on top of that!

10% Off Coupon Code


Hemplucid Coupon Code Discounts & Promos

Hemplucid - 40% Off

4/20 officially starts now at Hemplucid! From now until the end of April get 40% off all CBD products at Hemplucid. No coupon code needed!

40% Off Sitewide
CBD Living Coupon Codes and Discount Promo Sales

CBD Living - 25% Off

It’s not peanut butter jelly time, it’s 420 time baby! Use this 420 CBD Living coupon code for 25% off everything in their online shop.

25% Off Coupon Code


King Kanine Coupon Code Discount Promo

King Kanine - 20% Off

4/20 is going to the doggos this year. Well, sort of. In the THC free CBD products sense that is. Shop pet CBD and grooming products and get 20% off sitewide at King Kanine with this discount code at checkout.

20% Off Coupon Code


RE Botanicals discount codes

RE Botanicals - 20% Off

For a limited time, RE Botanicals is offering 20% off CBD products sitewide plus free shipping when you apply this coupon code at checkout.

20% Off Coupon Code
+Free Shipping


Medix CBD Coupon Codes & Discount Sales

Medix CBD - 50% Off

This holiday is for cannabis lovers of all kinds. Get 50% off CBD products sitewide with this 420 celebration Medix CBD coupon code at checkout.

50% Off Coupon Code


Direct CBD Coupon Codes & Discount Sales

Direct CBD - 15% Off Flower

Order Loot hemp flower in jars or convenient pre-rolls at Direct CBD. In honor of 420, get 15% off all Loot flower when you use this holiday Direct CBD discount code at checkout.

15% Off Loot Hemp Flower
w/ Coupon Code


Diamond CBD Coupon Code Discount Promos

Diamond CBD - 55% Off

CBD lovers celebrate 4/20 too man! Use this Diamond CBD coupon code for 55% off your entire order while they celebrate 4/20 all month long!

55% Off Coupon Code


CaliConnected Coupon Codes

CaliConnected - 20% - 30% Off

We have got some sick savings for you when you shop with CaliConnected this 420. Use one of these specialty Caliconnected coupon codes for up to 30% off vaporizers, bongs, pipes, dab-rigs, and more!

30% Off Genco Science


25% Off Glass Coupon Code


20% Off Everythingelse
w/ Coupon Code


DankGeek Coupon Codes

DankGeek - 20% Off

Get an extra 20% off every bong, dab rig, carb cab, pipe, and anything else your heart desires this 4/20 season when you use this DankGeek coupon code.

20% Off Coupon Code


EverythingFor420 Coupons and Discount Codes

EverythingFor420 - 15% Off

It’s happening! It is 4/20 all month long! It is finally here. EverythingFor420 has some killer discount sales and is offering 15% off sitewide with this coupon code too.

15% Off Coupon Code


King's Pipe Discount Codes, Coupon Codes & Promos

King's Pipe - 15% Off

It is that time of year again. There is something in the air, and it’s getting thicker. Shop for some new glass this 420 and get 15% off pipes, bongs, dab rigs, grinders, and more at King’s Pipe with this holiday coupon code.

15% Off Coupon Code


Green Goddess Supply Coupon Codes

Green Goddess Supply - 10% Off

Green Goddess Supply has got the glass and accessories you need to celebrate 4/20 right! Use this holiday Green Goddess Supply for 10% off your entire order now.

10% Off Coupon Code


DankStop Coupon Codes

Dankstop - 20% Off

It is that magical time of year again, and dammit we could all use some joyous occasions right now! Get 20% off sitewide during the Dank Stop 420 Sale when you apply this DankStop discount code at checkout.

20% Off Coupon Code


DankStop Coupon Codes

Dankstop - 42% Off The Latest Drop

DankStop is dropping a new item every day into their 420 sale! Use this DankStop discount code for 42% off everything in this collection and get your 420 celebration on.

42% Off The Latest Drops Coupon Code


Hemper Discount Code

Hemper - 20% Off

Save up to 65% on authentic Hemper pieces and accessories when you order directly from Hemp this 420.

20% Off Coupon Code


Up to 63% Off Sale
Genius Pipe Coupon Codes & Discount Promo Sales

Genius Pipe - 15% off

Celebrate this weird 4/20 by ordering the easist pipe to clean on the market. A Genius pipe comes completely apart into flat pieces to make cleaning quick and easy. Get 15% off your easy clean pipe with this Genius Pipe 420 discount code.

15% Off Coupon Code


The Lux Brand Coupon Codes Discount Codes & Promos

The Lux Brand - 20% Off

Your 420 experience deserves to be a luxurious one. Use this The Lux Brand discount code for an extra 20% savings on all luxury headshop items sitewide.

20% Off Coupon Code


Heady Treasures Coupon Codes

Heady Treasures - 20% Off

Happy 4/20! Use this Heady Treasures coupon code for 20% off glass pipes, dab rigs, bongs, heady glass, and more sitewide!

20% Off Coupon Code


Smoke Cartel Coupon Codes

Smoke Cartel- 20% Off

They had the pre-sale and now is the full-on 420 sale. Use this Smoke Cartel coupon code at checkout for 20% off already discounted prices.

20% Off Coupon Code


Waxmaid Discount Codes & Promo Sales

Waxmaid - 15% Off

Stay safe at home and save more this 420 when you use this Waxmaid coupon code for an extra 15% off sitewide.

15% Off Coupon Code


DopeBoo Coupon Codes

DopeBoo - 12% Off

Pipe, dab-rigs, bongs, and so much more! Use this DopeBoo discount code this 4/20 for 12% off your order.

12% Off Coupon Code


Glass City USA Coupon Codes

Glass City USA - 20% Off

This year is the ultimate 4/20! Get in the spirit in style with a new piece of glass. Order your new bong, dab rig, or pipe using this Glass City USA discount code and get 20% off.

20% Off Coupon Code


20% Off Coupon Code


EveryoneDoesIt Coupon Codes and Discount Promo Sales

EveryoneDoesIt - 20% Off

Looking for the best bong discounts this month? Act fast and use this EveryoneDoesIt coupon code for an additional 20% off all sale prices. That’s right, 20% off on top of any other discount.

20% Off Coupon Code


MSNL Coupon Codes Promo Codes & Discounts

MSNL 4/20 Deals

It is a full month of celebration at MSNL. The savings seem endless. They are updating their deals twice a week all month long. So be sure to check back for the latest discounts.

20% Off Coupon Code


420 Deals
Dutch Seeds Shop Coupon Codes

Dutch Seeds Shop - 20% Off

Grab a bag of beans for 20% off at Dutch Seeds Shop this 420 season and save some green for later.

20% off Coupon Code


Seedsman Coupon Codes, Discount Codes & Vouchers

Seedsman - 3 For 2

Seedsman is having a huge 3 for the price of 2 sale in honor of 4/20! Add any 3 Seedsman 3 packs to your cart, and the lowest price will automatically be marked free. Mix and match until your heart is content. For everything else, you can use this handy dandy Seedsman coupon code.

3 For 2 Sale

Seedman 3 packs

10% off Coupon Code


Growers Choice Seeds Coupon Codes and Discount Sales

Grower's Choice Seeds - 15% off

Get your grow on while you have time at home this year! Order your marijuana seeds directly from the breeder at Grower’s Choice. Take a gander at their selection of discounted seeds or use this coupon code for 15% off all seeds.

15% off Coupon Code


Discounted Seeds Sale
Grizzly Seed Bank Coupon Code Discounts

Grizzly Seed Bank - 10% off

Celebrate 4/20 by planning out your next grow! After you’ve decided, or maybe before, use this Grizzly Seed Bank coupon code for 10% off marijuana seeds sitewide.

10% off Coupon Code


Amsterdam Seed Center Coupon Codes Discount & Promo Sales

Amsterdam Seeds Center - 10% off

There is no better year to celebrate 4/20 by starting your own at home grow. Stay safe at home this year and get 10% off all cannabis seeds with this 420 celebration Amsterdam Seed Center coupon code.

10% off Coupon Code


I Love Growing Marijuana Coupon Codes and Discount Promo Sales

ILGM - Buy 10 Get 10 Free

I Love Growing Marijuana has a huge selection of strains in their buy 10 get 10 free 420 Sale collection. Check it out and choose your favorite.

Buy 10 Get 10 Free
High Mountain Compost Coupon Codes & Discounts

High Mountain Compost - 20% Off

High Mountain Compost is still ready to ship quality mushroom grow kits, cannabis fertilizer, and more while supplies last. Order today using this High Mountain Compost coupon code and get 20% off your entire order.

20% Off Coupon Code


LED Grow Lights Depot Coupon Codes

LED Grow Lights Depot Discounts

If ever there was a year to get your home grow in order, this is the year. LED Grow Lights Depot has the grow lights you need at the best prices. These are their most popular discounts available during their 4/20. Check out LED Grow Lights Depot store page for their full list of discounts.

35% Off Enlite LED


17% Off NextLight


15% Off Kind LED K5 Series


Dorm Grow Coupon Codes

Dorm Grow - 15% Off

Now is absolutely the time to get your home grow in order if ever there was one. Shop G8 LED grow lights at Dorm Grow and get 15% off your order when you apply this Dorm Grow discount code at checkout.

15% Off Coupon Code


Herb Approach Coupon Codes

Herb Approach - 2x FREE GRAMS

Valid April 20th ONLY!

Today only! Herb Approach is including 2 FREE GRAMS of their staff pick mystery flower with EVERY ORDER! Order today, because you will be upset if you miss this 4/20 deal.

2x Free Grams
w/ Every Order

4/20 ONLY!

Herb Approach Coupon Codes

Herb Approach - 50%+ Off

Herb Approach has too many great deals during their insane 4/20 sale to list in one post! Every day they are featuring a new product with deep discounts, so check their daily deal page every day for a new discount. Save on everything from cannabis flower to shatter to edibles to you name it!

Today’s Daily Deal
20% Off full price items
w/ Coupon Code


Speed Greens Coupon Codes Discounts and Promos

Speed Greens - 20% Off

4/20 is really about staying home on your couch anyways, right? This year Speed Greens has some amazing 4/20 discounts. Check them out and for items that aren’t already discounted, use this 420 Speed Greens coupon code for 20% off!

20% Off Full Priced Items
w/ Coupon Code


18% – 50% Off 420 Sale
Hillside Pharms Coupon Codes

Hillside Pharms - 20% Off

Calling all Canadians. If you haven’t ordered from an online dispensary yet, now is the time if ever there was one! It is 4/20 all month long and your house is exactly where you are supposed to be. Order from Hillside Pharms with this coupon code and save 20% on your cannabis.

20% Off Coupon Code


Supherbs Coupon Codes & Discount Sales

Supherbs - 30% Off

The more you spend the more you save this 4/20 at Supherbs. Automatically get 15% off orders under $199, 20% off $200, and a sweet 30% off orders of $300 or more. Plus orders $200+ get a free gram of shatter!

Free Gram of Shatter
Orders $200+
15% Off  < $199
20% Off $200-$299
30% Off $300+
Haute Health Coupon Codes and Discount Sales

Haute Health - 35% Off

Some sales are best experienced from your couch, and this is definitely one of them. Use this Haute Health coupon code for 35% off cannabis flower, shatter, edibles, and more store-wide!

35% Off Coupon Code


Spore Society Coupon Codes and Discount Sales

Spore Society - 20% Off

Order cannabis and mushrooms online at Spore Society. For a limited time, use this Spore Society coupon code for 20% off your first order and get 1x free gram automatically added too!

20% Off Coupon Code
Plus free gram


Kushfly Coupon Codes and Discount Sales

KushFly California Cannabis Delivery

It isn’t only Canadians that can have their sesh supplies delivered directly to their door this 420. You can do it in California too with KushFly! Right now they have some great savings and a huge selection of buy 4 get 2 free cannabis products. Checkout all of their 4/20 deals here.

420 Deals

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