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Find the biggest marijuana seeds discounts and coupon codes for the best online seed banks here.  We have scoured every online store to find the best deals & discounts on Cannabis seeds right now and listed them here for you.  If you are looking to save some money and get some bomb seeds to get growing, start here!

We've packed this list full of Skunk, Kush, Widow, High CBD, High THC, Medical Grade and feminized seeds. Combine this with some sweet growing equipment and get growing your own Cannabis!  Feminized seeds make your life simple.  No need to worry about your harvest growing buds riddle with seeds.  Feminized Marijuana seeds produce nothing but ladies, so your plants spend their efforts on only creating the dankest buds possible. So stock up on all your favorite strains and grow that green!  Most offers and discount deals below include free Marijuana Seed packs so you always have something new to plant and try!

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10% Off Sitewide

MSNL Coupons

Get 10% off your entire cannabis seeds or when you buy from MSNL. Use our free MSNL coupon code at checkout, because there is no need to go broke on your smoke.

BOGO Northern Lights Reg

MSNL Coupons

Buy any pack of Northern Lights regular seeds at MSNL and automatically get a second pack free. This is low odor indica strain that does well outside. No MSNL discount code needed.

BOGO Big Bud Autofem

MSNL Coupons

Add one pack of Big Bud Auto seeds to your basket and MSNL will double your seeds free. Big Bud is an indica with a huge harvest and old school skunk aromas.

BOGO Super Silver Haze

MSNL Coupons

Add one pack of Super Silver Haze regular cannabis seeds to your basket and MSNL with double your seeds free. Super Silver Haze is a sativa strain that has both a high yield and high THC content.

BOGO White Ruski Fem

MSNL Coupons

Add one pack of White Ruski feminized cannabis seeds to your basket and MSNL will double your seeds free. White Ruski is an indica with what is considered to be a very high THC content at 20%+.

50% Off Amnesia Haze Autofem

MSNL Coupons

During the winter MSNL discount sale Amnesia Haze regular cannabis seeds are 50% off. This is a high THC sativa strain. Its aroma is a blend of spices and sweet and sour fruits.

50% Off OG Kush

MSNL Coupons

Holy discount Batman! Get 50% off packs of OG Kush regular marijuana seeds when you buy from MSNL. This is a classic must-have high THC indica strain.

50% Off Purple Kush Fem

MSNL Coupons

Get 50% off all packs of Purple Kush feminized cannabis seeds right now at MSNL. Purple Kush is indica dominant with a very high THC content and a fantastic crystal covered flower. No MSNL coupon code

50% Off NYC Diesel

MSNL Coupons

Save 50% when you buy NYC Diesel regular cannabis seeds from MSNL. Check out this MSNL seed promotion and save. NYC Diesel is a sativa strain with a high THC content with the flavors we’ve all c

40% Off Auto OG Kush

MSNL Coupons

All packs of Auto OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds are marked down 40% during the current MSNL discount sale. Auto OG Kush produces dense buds absolutely resin covered providing an indica body high.

40% Off Blueberry Widow Fem

MSNL Coupons

Blueberry Widow (aka Berry White) feminized seeds are 40% off for a limited time at MSNL. She is an indica dominant strain with high THC levels and sweet and sour blueberry flavors.

40% Off Cannatonic

MSNL Coupons

For a limited time, MSNL is offering 40% off every pack of Cannatonic feminized cannabis seeds. Cannatonic is an indica strain with low levels of THC and high CBD levels.

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