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420 Coupon Codes is a popular website that provides discount codes and deals for various cannabis-related products and services. It’s grown into the world’s largest and most visited coupon site 100% DEDICATED to 420 related products. Updated daily, the team has been providing the best deals, discounts, and coupon codes since 2016.

The website was originally founded by Chris Paniagua and Samantha Paniagua in 2016, a husband and wife team from Las Vegas, NV.  While many in this industry hide behind aliases, the founders here take the honest approach which lends to their long-term success and trust of the user’s experience.

Chris Paniagua

The Founding CEO has been a top executive in the cannabis industry for over a decade.  He’s had his hands and his mind deeply involved with many areas of the Canna”Biz”  from Product Development & Design, Manufacturing partners in China, and heavy Online Marketing Strategy.  He noticed a lack of reliable and trustworthy resources for cannabis consumers to find discounts on their favorite products. He decided to create 420 Coupon Codes as a way to help cannabis enthusiasts save money while shopping for their favorite brands.

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Samantha Paniagua

is COO, and has education and background in business operations.  Samantha helped to build and train the 420 Coupon Codes operations team. She is also responsible for the website’s social media accounts and customer service.

The duo has grown 420 Coupon Codes into a multinational company with 7 team members in 4 countries that publish daily content for over 400 merchants.

420 Coupon Codes

420CouponCodes.com has blossomed as a resource for cannabis consumers looking for discounts on a wide variety of products, including CBD oils, vape pens, edibles, cannabis seeds, and more. The website partners with a wide range of cannabis, CBD, and technology companies to offer exclusive discounts and deals to its users. Overall, 420 Coupon Codes is a useful resource for cannabis enthusiasts looking to save money on their favorite products, and the 420CC team has done an excellent job of creating a user-friendly platform that provides valuable discounts and deals to its users.

420 Coupon Codes has been proudly featured in press & media:


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as well as 100’s of other national & local media publications in USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

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