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Finding the lowest vape prices has been a hot topic for customers for 10 years.  In fact, according to statistical data from Google Trends, there has only been an increase in people searching Google to find cheap vape prices.  In this guide, we will detail the top 8 ways to find the best vape prices and deals on vapes when buying online.  Some are quick and easy – like using discount codes – while other methods require timing and patience.  When looking to purchase a vaporizer online, these are the top 8 ways to get the cheapest price.

1. Use Discount codes at online Vaporizer stores

420CC Coupon Code Example
Coupon Code entered at checkout to lower vape price

Coupons and discount codes are the best tool in the arsenal of cost-conscious consumers looking for the best vape prices. Coupon Codes are free and easy to get and easily apply to your cart at checkout. For those diving into the world of vapes & vaporizers, these codes can often lead to substantial price reductions, making premium products more accessible.

Here at 420 Coupon Codes,  we update our listings with codes for popular vaporizer stores every day. By simply searching the store’s name or the product you’re after, you can retrieve a list of current promotional codes. For example, you can find detailed lists of the top brands’ current discount codes like Gpen, Stundenglass, or Pax.  These are helpful when you want to search for a specific brand of vaporizer to get the best currently active deal.  

Additionally, we curate thousands of vaporizer coupon codes for all the large retailers that carry many different brands in one store.  Finding codes for online retailers like Planet of the Vapes has never been easier.  These online retailers provide additional value many times as they like to include small freebies, and free shipping to encourage your purchase. 

As experts in online discount finding, we always prefer using discount codes to get the best deal – immediately.  There are in fact 7 additional methods that are very effective if you are the type of shopper that prefers the “hunt” for cheap vapes.

2. Abandon your shopping cart

The ‘abandoned cart’ strategy is a well-known tactic among online shopping aficionados. Vape retailers dislike unfinished sales, so they often entice shoppers back with discounts or special offers. 

The first step is to create or login to an account with the online retailer with your email address saved in your profile. Most online stores require you to have an account for this strategy to work. They need a way to contact you via email, with follow-up offers. Now, begin your shopping. Add the desired vape to your cart, and proceed to the checkout process as you usually would. But here’s where the strategy comes into play: Once you reach the payment section, simply close the tab or navigate away. By leaving the item in the cart without finalizing the purchase, you’re setting the stage for potential vaporizer discounts to be emailed to you.

After abandoning your cart, patience is key. Over the next few days, monitor your email, including the spam/junk folder. Retailers often send out reminders that “you’ve left an item in your cart”. These reminders frequently come with the added incentive of a discount code or special offer to encourage a completed purchase. If and when you receive an offer, take a moment to evaluate its worth. Compare it to the average vape price range and existing public discount codes from your initial research. If the discount is compelling, it might be time to make that purchase.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for cheap vapes. Always ensure you’re buying from a reputable source, and be certain any promotional codes are valid. There’s also a risk associated with waiting for a discount. The vape could go out of stock, especially if it’s a popular model. For those willing to play the long game, consider trying this method with several online retailers simultaneously. While it requires more patience and organization, doing so can increase your chances of securing the best vape price possible.

Remember, not all retailers participate in the abandoned cart strategy, and the discounts can vary. However, with minimal effort, this approach offers a potential avenue to save on your next vaporizer.

3. Join vape merchant email newsletters for vouchers

Joining a merchant’s email newsletter is another strategy when on the hunt for cheap vape deals near you. Many e-commerce platforms and specialized vape stores offer exclusive incentives to those who subscribe to their newsletters. These incentives are designed not only to entice potential customers but also to foster brand loyalty and encourage repeat business.

When you sign up for a merchant’s newsletter, you often receive an immediate benefit, such as a percentage off your next purchase or a special promotional code. This can be a particularly lucrative opportunity if you’re considering buying a high-end vaporizer, as even a modest percentage off can translate to significant savings on pricier models. Moreover, these newsletters frequently provide subscribers with early access to sales, giving them a head start on discounted products before they’re promoted to the general public.

Beyond the initial signup incentive, subscribing ensures that you remain in the loop regarding any special promotions, limited-time offers, or new product launches. For instance, during holidays or anniversary sales, many merchants send out exclusive discounts to their newsletter subscribers, sometimes even tailoring offers based on past purchase history. This personalized touch can lead to deals on accessories or related products you might be interested in.

However, a word of caution: Subscribing to too many newsletters can clutter your inbox, so it’s wise to be selective. Choose reputable merchants known for quality products and customer service. Additionally, make use of email filters or dedicated folders to organize promotional emails, ensuring you can quickly spot offers for cheap vapes and take advantage of timely deals on discounted vape prices without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Watch for Social media posts from retailers for offers

Social media isn’t just a platform for personal connection and content sharing; it has morphed into a bustling marketplace and advertising hub. For savvy shoppers, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit can be goldmines for securing great deals on vapes and related products.

The first step to uncovering the best vape prices via social media is to follow your favorite vape brands and online merchants. By doing so, you’re directly tapping into a source of real-time updates. Brands often showcase their latest products, flash sales, and exclusive promotions for cheap vapes on their social feeds. Sometimes, they even provide special discount codes exclusively for their followers, ensuring that those loyal to the brand get the best deals.

Vaping influencers, who review and promote products, frequently partner with brands for giveaways or exclusive promotions offering low prices on vapes. By engaging with these influencers – liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts – you can increase your visibility and chances of being in the loop for exclusive deals. Moreover, influencers often have unique discount codes that they share with their audience, offering savings that might not be available elsewhere.

Platforms like Reddit or Facebook are home to numerous vaping communities and groups. Two examples are r/VaporEnts or /r/electronic_cigarette on Reddit.  These are spaces where enthusiasts share their experiences, recommendations, and often, deals and the best prices they’ve come across. By being an active member of such groups, not only can you get firsthand reviews and advice, but you can also stumble upon discounts, group-buying opportunities, or even second-hand sales from trusted community members.

5. Join vape store loyalty programs

vape store loyalty program example
vape store loyalty program example

Loyalty programs have long been a secret weapon for consumers looking to get the most value out of their purchases. In the world of vaping, where products and accessories can range from affordable to premium, joining a loyalty program can translate to significant savings and additional perks over time.

Loyalty programs are designed to reward repeated purchases. For vapes and related accessories, many online and physical stores offer points-based systems. Typically, every purchase you make earns you points, and as these points accumulate, they may be redeemed for discounts, free products, or other exclusive perks. Some programs also provide bonus points for referrals, reviews, or sharing promotions on social media.

Some of the more elaborate loyalty programs use a tiered structure. The more you spend or the longer you remain a member, the higher you ascend in membership levels. Each level often comes with its own set of benefits. For instance, a basic member might get early access to sales, while a premium member could receive exclusive products, deeper discounts, or invitations to special events.

One of the standout advantages of joining a loyalty program is access to members-only promotions. Retailers often release exclusive products, limited-time discounts, or bundle deals specifically for their loyal customer base. This ensures that members always get a bit more value than regular shoppers.

Many loyalty programs recognize and celebrate the anniversaries of their members joining the program or their birthdays. This often translates to special discounts, bonus points, or even freebies, making it a delightful time to shop.

Being part of a loyalty program also ensures you’re among the first to know about new product launches, restocks of popular items, or any upcoming promotional events. This insider knowledge can be invaluable, especially for popular items that tend to sell out quickly.

6. Use 4/20 & Black Friday Sales for big-ticket items

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we hunt for deals, and when it comes to buying vaporizers, two significant sale events stand out: the 4/20 sales, celebrating cannabis culture, and the universally renowned Black Friday sales post-Thanksgiving.

The 20th of April, colloquially known as 4/20, has become an iconic date for cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Over the years, it has evolved from a counter-culture celebration to a mainstream event, with many online retailers offering substantial discounts on vaporizers and related accessories. Given the specific nature of this sale, it’s a golden opportunity for those seeking both niche and popular vaping products. 

The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday has become synonymous with some of the year’s biggest discounts across various product categories, vaporizers included. Some retailers start their Black Friday promotions days, if not weeks, in advance. Keep an eye out for these early deals, as they might offer better value or stock availability.  Black Friday often comes with other incentives, like free shipping, bundled products, or additional discounts on reaching a certain spending threshold. Strategize your purchases to take advantage of these combined offers.

7. Use Military & Senior discounts if you apply

For many retailers, offering special discounts to certain groups, such as military personnel or seniors, is more than just a business strategy; it’s a gesture of appreciation and respect. In the world of vaping, where the spectrum of products can vary in pricing, these specialized discounts can lead to substantial savings for eligible buyers.

Typically, to get a military discount online, one must go through a verification process. Websites might ask for an official military email, a copy of a military ID, or use third-party verification services. Once verified, the discount is often automatically applied to every purchase.

Not all businesses advertise their military discounts prominently. It’s worth asking customer service or checking dedicated military discount websites that curate lists of businesses offering these discounts.

As a token of respect for the older generation, several vape shops provide senior discounts. While vaping might seem like a younger person’s game, many seniors have turned to vapes as an alternative to traditional smoking or as a new hobby.

The age at which one qualifies as a “senior” can vary. Some places might offer senior discounts starting at 55, while others might set the age at 60 or 65. Always check the specifics with the retailer.  Much like the military discount above, you will generally be required to perform an ID verification with the retailer as proof of your age.

In both cases, it’s crucial to be proactive. If a website or store doesn’t openly advertise these discounts, it doesn’t hurt to ask. A quick chat or email to customer service can often reveal unadvertised specials or discounts. Additionally, combining these specific discounts with ongoing sales promotions or coupon codes can yield even greater savings. 

8. Use price comparison websites

Price comparison websites have emerged as indispensable tools for shoppers, especially for products like vaporizers which can have significant price disparities across different sites. These websites work as a hub, collating prices from various online retailers, thereby enabling users to view at a glance where the best deals are.

To use price comparison websites for vaporizers, start by entering the specific model or brand you’re interested in. For more generic searches, simply entering “vape” or “vaporizer” may return too many results. Instead, try using more specific terms or product names.  For example, “Pax Plus vaporizer” or “Davinci Artiq vaporizer”. Once you’ve got your search results, you’ll typically see a list of a few retailers offering the product, along with the current prices, shipping fees, and sometimes user reviews or ratings.

Furthermore, it’s important not to just focus on the base price. Some sites might offer a vaporizer at a slightly higher price but compensate with free shipping, warranties, or bonus accessories. Additionally, the reliability and reputation of the retailer should be considered. It might be worth paying a few dollars more to purchase from a well-reviewed and trusted seller than to chase the lowest price from a dubious source.

Finally, remember that the vaporizer market, like many tech-related fields, is continually evolving with new models being released frequently. It’s beneficial to keep an eye on price trends. Some comparison sites offer price tracking or alert features, notifying you when a product hits your desired price point. This is especially useful if you’re not in a rush and are waiting for the best deal possible.

By leveraging the capabilities of price comparison websites, and with a bit of patience and due diligence, you can ensure that you’re getting your desired vaporizer at the best possible price point.


Leveraging coupons and discount codes has emerged as the best strategy for securing significant savings on vaporizers immediately. There are a few other methods of chasing down great deals if you enjoy the hunt.  Some, like military and senior discounts, require verifications, while others like Black Friday sales and using price comparison websites require patience and waiting for the best day of the calendar year.

Remember, while finding a great deal is satisfying, it’s always important to shop wisely. Ensure you’re purchasing from reputable websites that offer warranties and support, read product reviews, and always consider if you genuinely need the item before buying.

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