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Bowls, also known as old faithful, also known as the best invention ever. A huge thanks goes out to our ancestors! This incredible mechanism is any true weed heads staple piece.

Bowls can be made out of glass, wood, ceramic, plastic, or bamboo. Glass is a very popular style because they are normally made with very beautiful and intricate designs. Wood is also popular as that is probably the most old fashioned version of a bowl (think about pipes, basically the same thing).

If you are new to the marijuana game you do not want to look like a noob when packing a bowl. Packing one requires a bit of prep work and you will definitely need a grinder. Maybe invest in a screen as well to prevent unwanted debris for a smooth flow. You should pack it with the ground cannabis loosely at the bottom and tighter at the top. When you do that it will ensure a great burn and better airflow.