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July 10th also known as a dabbers day of paradise. This is a special day in which dabbers and non-dabbers alike have claimed as the day of the dab. You could never be disappointed by these 710 sales.

People celebrate July 10th in many different ways. Some people choose to add a bit of concentrate to their joints. Some people add kief or shatter to their bowls and some people just use their dab rigs.

There is no direct orgin to trace July 10th back to and it is a fairly new holiday. July 10th unlike April 20th focuses more on cannabis concentrates. However, you can celebrate however you want to whether it is with flower or concentrates.

Dispensaries and headshops alike work hard to provide the best sales for your dabbing needs. It truly is like Christmas for all dab heads. Do not miss out on all of the incredible 710 sales offered.