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There are vape pens or vape mods but pods are the best of both worlds. Pod systems are small cartridges filled with CBD or THC vape oil. They have mouthpieces that are draw-activated. This means there is no extra step of turning a power button on or off. All you have to do is inhale and enjoy!

There is variety when it comes to pods. They come in different concentrations making it easy for you to pick the exact strength you prefer. There is also a lot of variety in flavors. From fruity to minty flavors and everything in between there is sure to be a pod flavor that is enjoyable for you!

Pods are portable and discreet. They are light and easy to carry, making the perfect option for when you are on the go. They tend to be amongst the less expensive option for vaping. they are also disposable and not meant to be refilled.

Go grab some pods and get vaping!

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