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Thanksgiving is by far one of the best holidays. Friends, family, and a copious amount of food will make anyone smile. The only way to make your thanksgiving better is by adding some weed to your day.  To have a great Danksgiving, you must incorporate weed into your day in some way.  If you are traveling somewhere for the holiday make sure you have all of your smoking needs packed. Don’t forget your grinder or that new dab rig you want to show your cousin!

Smoking before dinner is a must. Inhaling the smoke out of your new bong or enjoying a perfectly packed pre-roll will set you up for success. This will make your Aunt’s homemade gravy actually taste good and your Grandma’s casserole taste even better than normal.

Not a pie person? No problem, enjoy a yummy pot brownie or an awesome gummy for dessert.

Happy Danksgiving!

This page has everything. which can be overwhelming.  You may prefer the annual Danksgiving Sales guide which has a more organized and curated list of the following coupons.